"Want Amazing Art Prints And Paintings To Make Your Environment Come Alive?"

This is my painting of two Best Friends...

Best Friends, art prints

The benefits we get from having Amazing Art Prints and Paintings:

  • Unique ambiance

  • Color to match any mood

  • Memories evoking our best times

  • More life in our indoors, (what we go to sleep to, what we wake to)

  • Create our own view of the world.

What am I selling? This is a free web site. I'm just sharing my personal experiences about art and the creation and sharing of Art and paintings.

Unforgettable images bring home the world. The colors and forms make our personal spaces more lively. Giclees, pronounced "she-clays"(paint on canvas reproductions) can range from small to wall-size (7ft. X 8ft.). These wonderful works can be customized "just for us." Size really does matter.

My little Blue Dog painting never takes its eyes from you...

Blue Dog, art prints

If you love fantasy art, the magic of surrealism or abstracted realism can be found in these pages. Click... if you like traveling with your imagination.

Paradise Dreams is how I paint my paradise. There has to be a good bed and some good company, nice scenery with water, a castle, some animals, and of course, a boat...

Paradise Dreams, art prints

If a more classical theme delights you, then look here for some famous artists. Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and many others will be brought to life through their art.

My name is Dolores and I decided to call myself an artist in about 2004 after I won two art contests and sold a portrait for a good amount of money. It seemed that I might be able to do this. Sharing my love of amazing art prints and paintings is always exhilarating for me. I hope it is as enjoyable for you.

Here I am with my two prize winning paintings Fish Flow and Ocean Oak at a Wellington, Florida art competition...

Dolores with 2 paintings, art prints

Check out my new Framed Art Prints pages!

Below is a painting I did of my neighbor's house in Port St. Lucie, Florida. They are fans of St. Maarten (St. Martin) so I placed their house on the beach there, the two of them in lawn chairs in front, with their dog Molly. Their cat Rocky is on the front of their sailboat, the Cozi. Their huge, white, dog, Miko is looking right at us in the foreground! I'd love to paint you, your house, your family and pets in your favorite location, doing your favorite things. An image of enjoyment captured forever.

Cozi House
cozi house, art prints

Cozi House, Miko Up Close
cozi house, miko Up Close, art prints

How You Can Reach Me...

If you would like a painting or some other artwork done for YOU please contact me here.

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